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Split Dollar Series


The Accidental Entrepreneur Part I
The Accidental Entrepreneur Part III
Tax Benefits and Possibilities of The Optimal Corporate Set Up
The Accidental Entrepreneur Part II
The Optimal Corporate Set Up
The Accidental Entrepreneur Part IV
Creating the Family Pension Plan
The Accidental Entrepreneur Part V
Using the Ideal Corporate Structure for Personal Healthcare Cost Savings
Split Dollar Shing-a-Ling! Employing the Concepts of Inter-Generational Split Dollar in Compensatory Split Dollar Arrangements
Where Eagles Dare: 
Introducing Malta Split Dollar
Using Commercial Lending to “Juice” the Funding of Loan Method Split Dollar Arrangements
The Wonder Years:
Rediscovering the Magic of Split Dollar Life Insurance
Split-Dollar Life Insurance:
A Tax-Leveraged Derivative for Hedge Fund Managers
Mad Dogs and Panameños!
Using the Leveraged Split Dollar Rollout (LSD™ Rollout) to Terminate Loan Regime Split Dollar™ Plans
It’s (Not) Too Late, Baby!
Using Late Start Split Dollar to Create Financial and Tax Leverage
New Age Split Dollar:
Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer Using Split Dollar – Part I
New Age Split Dollar:
Leveraging the Unified Credit Using Split Dollar – Part 2
Isla del Encanto:
Introducing Boricua Split Dollar
Switch Hitter!
Maximizing the Flexibility of Split Dollar Life Insurance to Create Maximum Financial and Tax Leverage
The Paper Chase:
Using the Loan Method of Split Dollar as an Alternative to Attorney Fee Deferrals
Double Down!
Inter-Generational Split Dollar Throws Sand in the Face of the IRS Again
Heaven Can Wait:
Using Loan Method Split Dollar in the After Life!
The Way We Were:
Using Loan Method Split Dollar to Recreate the Benefit of Tax Deferral for Carried Interest
Put Me in Coach!
Using Split Dollar Life Insurance Plans to Compensate Division I Coaches
Where Have You Gone Chico Escuela!
Using Split Dollar Life Insurance for Major League Baseball Players
Panning for Gold in the Ivory Tower:
Using Split Dollar and Private Placement Life Insurance to Compensate Senior Executives of Tax-Exempt Organizations
Where Have You Gone, Chip Hilton?
Using a Combination of Deferred Compensation and Loan Method Split Dollar in Tax Planning for Professional Sport Signing Bonuses
Split to Be Tied!
Looking Beyond the Morrissette Decision and Around the Corner for Inter-Generational Split Dollar


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